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It’s our mission to leverage the great talent of Central & Eastern Europe
to deliver world class software solutions globally from the heart of Europe.

Application DevelopmentApplication Development

Application Development

Our enterprise application development department delivers secure, scalable and easily maintainable applications. The primary design goals of our applications are to reduce the time-to-market and increase the length of the application lifecycle. This design principle results in a better overall TCO for our customers.

IT ConsultancyIT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

We offer project management, IT architecture, information and application security and business intelligence consultancy. Our experience in software engineering across multiple industries allows us to help our clients see their challenges from a new perspective. New ways of looking at a problem lead to new ways of looking for solutions, fostering the opportunity for more innovative and compelling software.

Mobile DevelopmentMobile Development

Mobile Development

Our mobile application development team creates location based applications, messaging systems, mobile collaboration and multimedia applications, single and multiplayer games.





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